About the studio

We’re a bunch of creatives that love good conversation. Studio Minie was founded from a desire to stimulate more meaningful conversations at events, offices and on the street.

We do custom projects for social and cultural organisations, event organizers and agencies. Plus, we like going out into the street to get strangers talking.

We believe a good conversation between 2 people that are fully present can bring more value than any book, class, workshop or lesson. You can grow both on a personal level and on a professional level by the exchange that happens between two people.

We’re based in Ghent (Belgium) but love starting conversations in any language, in any country.

Key elements for a good conversation

Quality over quantity

It’s not about how many people you know or conversations you have, but about how deep it goes and what you learn from it.

Big talk

There’s nothing wrong with small talk, but in order to have a meaningful conversation with someone, you need to get past it.

Keep it real

A good conversation can’t happen if you’re wearing a mask, trying to look better than you are.